commercial roof coating

If you’re considering using a commercial roof coating for your building, you’ve probably wondered what it’s all about. From advantages and benefits to installation and cost, there’s a lot to know. In this article, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of this coating, as well as its eco-friendliness. After reading this article, you’ll know whether a commercial roof coating is right for your building.


Compared to traditional roofing systems, sprayed polyurethane foam roofing has a number of advantages. It is energy efficient and durable, and can seal leaky roofs while insulate the building. Sprayed polyurethane foam can be applied directly to an existing roof and can be as large or small as needed. In addition to coating the exterior of a building, it can be used on the interior walls as well.

Before applying the coating, it is imperative that the roof undergoes repairs. This includes repairing sheet metal or removing wet insulation left by past leaks. This will ensure that the coating will seal any defects in the roof. Cleanliness is also a must. A power-washer is recommended, but a standard cleaning can also suffice. Ensure that the entire roof is free of debris. Depending on the type of coating, some of the advantages of commercial roof coating are:


Commercial roof coatings can be applied to almost any type of roof, including low slope and pitched surfaces. The cost of a typical commercial coating can be as low as $0.25 per square foot and varies widely. There are several factors that will determine the cost of a commercial roof coating, including the type of material used, the size of the building, and the location. Prices range from $3.00 per square foot for flat roofs to up to $5.00 per square foot for modified bitumen and spray foam insulation.

A commercial roof coating can extend the life of an existing roof, protect it from damage, and delay roof replacement. Business finances are complicated and unpredictability can put you in the red. Luckily, commercial roof coatings can help you avoid a costly roof replacement. The coating extends the life of your roof by many years, reducing its need for repair. Commercial roof coatings are typically reflective, so they help to lower energy bills, keep the building cooler, and make employees happier.


Installing a commercial roof coating on your business’s roof has numerous benefits. Aside from offering a barrier against harmful elements like UV rays and sunlight, these coatings are usually reflective, which can help keep your energy bills low and your employees happier. The benefits of installing a commercial roof coating are almost limitless. Here are a few of them. This type of coating will also make your roof more durable and prolong its lifespan.

Before you install a commercial roof coating, there are several things you should do to prepare for the process. First, inspect the roof for damage. You can easily spot the problems that need fixing. In most cases, a coating will seal all those problems. Second, clean the roof. Cleaning is self-explanatory, and you can use a power-washer to clean the roof. However, other methods will work just as well.


Commercial roofing systems are now being installed with eco-friendly materials. Eco-friendly materials are not harmful to the environment and do not emit pollutants. They are also safe for disposal, and do not deplete the earth’s natural resources. In the past, old roofs were simply thrown into a junkyard, where they would slowly break down and release toxic substances into the atmosphere. Today, roof coatings are made from recycled materials that can be easily recycled after the roofs have served their purpose.

The EPA and other environmental organizations encourage the use of eco-friendly roof coatings. These products reduce energy usage and the cost of roof maintenance. Many commercial roof coatings are also eco-friendly. Dark roofs naturally absorb solar energy, causing HVAC systems to work overtime. In contrast, white roof coatings reflect heat and help to reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect. The advantages of eco-friendly roofs are numerous, but the benefits go beyond aesthetics.


A commercial roof coating application provides a more durable layer of protection than a single-layer roofing material. A coating’s elastic properties are enhanced by the resins used in its formulation, which provide added waterproofing and protection. They also help bridge the seams of the membrane and small cracks that can occur over time. A commercial roof coating can last for decades if properly applied. However, choosing the wrong coating can make your roof vulnerable to damage and premature failure.

A sustainable roof coating system has become increasingly popular due to increased environmental regulations and concern for the environment. Commercial roof tear-offs add millions of tons of waste to landfills every year, but a commercial roof coating system prevents this waste by allowing the existing roofing material to be used again. Furthermore, many elastomeric coatings contain little to no volatile organic compounds. Because of the increased durability of commercial roof coating systems, they are also an excellent choice for buildings exposed to harsh weather conditions.