commercial industrial roof coatings

If you’re looking for a solution for your building’s aging roof system, commercial industrial roof coatings may be right for you. These coatings protect your roofing system from UV damage and extend its lifespan. Here’s what you need to know about these coatings and how they can help you. Read on to learn more! Listed below are some of the benefits of industrial roof coatings for your business. But before you decide on a coating, consider these tips to protect your building’s roof.


The PUMA XL commercial industrial roof-coatings system combines acrylic and urethane components to provide exceptional leak protection. This coating is applied in one coat to waterproof the entire roof. Its rapid application process means minimal disruption to business operations. Its superior performance and environmental friendliness make it a popular choice for large-scale industrial and commercial buildings. For more information, contact the building product division of Conklin Roofing Systems.

PUMA XL roofing systems combine acrylic and urethane polymers to form a seamless membrane. These coatings have superior tensile strength and elongation and are tougher than conventional acrylic coatings. Its high-strength polymer content ensures exceptional durability. This is backed by an industry-leading, 18-year non-prorated warranty.

The PUMA XL commercial industrial roof-coatings have a unique blend of tensile strength, flexibility and a powerful anti-solar protection. This revolutionary coating deflects up to 85% of sunlight away from the surface. The coating also offers excellent durability and is recognized by most major code organizations. It also features ENERGY STAR certification and an 85% solar reflectivity value.


If you are in need of commercial industrial roof coatings, ArmorRoof is your answer. Not only do ArmorRoof commercial roof coatings outperform traditional roofing materials, but they are also cost-effective ways to increase color and safety. And because ArmorRoof is applied to metal, plastic, and foam roofing, they are compatible with these materials. The best part? ArmorRoof has the lowest cost of ownership.

Whether you are repairing or maintaining an existing roof, ArmorPoxy ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coatings will protect it from all types of weather, including ultraviolet rays and moisture. This 55% solids acrylic formulation is easy to apply and won’t damage or weaken your roof. ArmorPoxy offers three high-quality roof coating products to meet your needs. One of them, ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coatings, is a revolutionary liquid rubber roof coating that rolls on like a coat of paint. It protects your roof from the sun, rain, and cold. It also offers matching patch compounds and mastic/patch compound and caulking around pipes.

ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coatings are available in different colors. The standard ArmorRoof can be applied over asphalt roof systems. However, this type of coating can show a slight bleed-through of the tar, but this is only a cosmetic issue. If your building is exposed to foot traffic, ArmorRoof Commercial Roof Coatings with embedded rubber granules will provide additional traction. It is available in 2.5 gal drums or five-gallon drums, depending on the desired thickness and application method.


The latest innovation from Conklin is PUMA XL. This two-coat system combines advanced technology and exceptional flexibility to create an outstanding coating with 18-year non-prorated warranty. The PUMA XL offers exceptional leak protection and durability while adhering to a wide variety of substrates. This coating is applied with 1.9 gallons of liquid per 100 square feet. Moreover, it offers outstanding tensile strength, which is an essential feature of any commercial or industrial building.

PUMA roof coatings waterproof the entire roof in just one application. The process is fast and seamless, with little to no disruption to your business. Moreover, the coating system pays for itself in a matter of five to seven years thanks to energy savings. Furthermore, the PUMA commercial industrial roof coating system is backed by a non-prorated, no-dollar-limit warranty. This warranty can be extended and renewed if necessary.

PUMA’s XL line of high-performance commercial roof coatings is designed to protect metal and other building substrates. Conklin Rapid Roof (r) III is a high-performance elastomeric monolithic roof coating for a wide variety of substrates. These roof coatings are Energy Star qualified and are compatible with a variety of metal roofs. They are part of the Puma XL line of environmentally responsible commercial roof coatings.