If you’re looking for a forklift repair company in the Macon, GA area, King’s Mobile Forklift Repair LLC may be the company for you. This company is part of the Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance Industry, and it has four employees. It estimates that it generates $66,725 in annual sales. Here are some key facts about this business:

Maintenance schedule

Forklifts need routine maintenance and service to perform their essential functions properly. You can set up a schedule for your maintenance visits based on the frequency and usage of your equipment. Often, this schedule is performed on-site, during regular business hours. Scheduled maintenance sessions also allow you to budget for these services, and eliminate the need for expensive emergency equipment and parts inventory. Additionally, mobile forklift repair companies can handle any repairs needed by your fleet of forklifts.

You can also set up a routine for your mobile forklift repairs. This schedule can include a weekly cleaning. A regular weekly cleaning will help keep your forklift in great condition and increase its service life. OSHA considers forklift cleaning a safety issue because too much grease can bind components and cause premature wear on the electrical system and mast. Maintenance services should be performed by qualified professionals who can implement a preventive maintenance program that works for you.

Cost of maintenance plan

The cost of a maintenance plan for a mobile forklift repair is minimal compared to unexpected breakdowns or repairs. Most issues begin small and are easily fixed, but if the forklift is too old or needs to be repaired quickly, you will face more expenses and time. A preventative maintenance plan is vital for a mobile forklift repair, as it can save you money in the long run.

You can save on the cost of a maintenance plan by keeping an inventory of your forklift equipment. A daily inspection checklist will allow you to track the condition of your fleet and identify problems before they escalate into major repairs. Make sure to instruct your drivers to perform a five-minute inspection each day before they leave the shop. If they see any issues or glitches, they can report them immediately. Having a maintenance plan is a worthwhile investment for any business.

Reliability of service plan

The reliability of a service plan for mobile forklift repair can make the difference between having to wait weeks for a repair or not having your forklift repaired at all. Most companies have a set monthly fee that covers repairs and maintenance. This can make budgeting easier and makes repairs much less expensive. You can also save a lot of money by signing up for an all-inclusive plan.

Using a service plan for your mobile forklift repair can also help you avoid expensive breakdowns and emergency repairs. For example, a service plan may include regular maintenance visits, so that you only have to call for a major repair every few months. But a mobile service plan is much more affordable than attempting to fix a forklift on your own. In addition, a service plan can keep your forklifts running as long as possible.

Cost of emergency forklift repair

The cost of an emergency forklift repair is usually much higher than the cost of routine maintenance. In addition to labor charges, you might also need to ship the forklift to the repair shop. It’s vital to understand the cost before deciding whether to repair it yourself or pay a forklift service technician. Listed below are the most common areas of failure for forklifts. They include: battery, fuses, wiring, and ECUs.

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Keep a checklist of daily equipment inspections. This helps drivers track equipment condition and spot small issues before they lead to a breakdown. Instruct drivers to perform a five-minute inspection on the forklift before they use it. Make sure to report any glitches immediately so that they can be fixed quickly. Even minor issues can turn into emergencies. While you may be tempted to wait until your forklift is in the shop, it’s better to plan ahead and avoid such a situation.