commercial roof coating

There are many benefits of a commercial roof coating. For instance, the process of installing a commercial roof coating can be relatively simple. The first step is ensuring that the roof is a good candidate for coating. Ideally, the roof will not have standing water 48 hours after rainfall. It should also have a proper slope so that water will not be absorbed into the roof during periods of rainfall. In addition, the coating should last for years and not require maintenance, which is a common concern for roof owners.

Cost of commercial roof coating

A typical 20,000 square foot commercial roof will cost anywhere from $2.00 to $3.50 per square foot, depending on the type of coating. Typical costs include materials and labor for installation, and the price of repair work is $0.70 to $1.40 per square foot. The warranty fees for a new roof will depend on the warranty period and the manufacturer. Here are some tips to lower your cost:

Premium coatings are typically more expensive than lower quality coatings, but they last longer and require less maintenance. These roof coatings also increase the overall comfort level inside a building. Premium quality coatings can be expensive, but they are definitely worth it. They can extend the life of a roof and reduce energy bills, and will also last for decades. If you have a metal roof, you should opt for an acrylic or silicone coating.

Types of commercial roof coatings

Commercial roofs are the last thing on your mind until you notice a leak or you find a deteriorated part of your building. There are various types of coatings that you can install on your commercial roof to solve these problems and increase the lifespan of your building. These coatings are applied by expert contractors and are characterized by their monolithic structure, self-adhering properties, and flashing capabilities. These characteristics allow them to provide excellent protection against leaks and damage caused by wind and rain. Moreover, they are easy to repair if leaks occur.

Urethanes and silicones are two types of commercial roof coatings. The former requires higher temperatures for application and emits an odor during the process. Nonetheless, they have excellent properties such as weather resistance and abrasion resistance. Urethanes are expensive but have a good reputation when it comes to durability. Water-based coatings are less expensive but they don’t last as long.

Environmental benefits of commercial roof coatings

The environmental benefits of commercial roof coatings are wide-ranging. The use of reflective coatings can slow the deterioration of roofing membranes due to ultraviolet and heat rays. Cooler buildings can reduce their use of air conditioning, which in turn lowers their energy bills. This in turn reduces the building’s environmental impact. In addition, roof coatings can delay the need to replace old roofing membranes.

Because of these environmental benefits, more manufacturers are focusing on the impact of their products on the planet. This awareness has resulted in more environmentally friendly materials and stringent building regulations. Roofing coatings are one way to address these issues and benefit the environment while simultaneously reducing costs and labor. Moreover, a roof coating is economical and will not add to landfill pollution. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a coating for a new or existing building, commercial roof coatings can help you make the right decision.

Cost of roof replacement compared to roof coating

It’s common for a homeowner to contact a local roofing company when their roof starts to leak. But the question is: Is a commercial roof coating possible? The answer depends on the condition of your existing roof, the moisture saturation below the surface, and other factors. Fortunately, it’s possible to prolong the life of your existing roof with a roof coating. And the best thing about it? The cost of a commercial roof coating is a fraction of that of a complete replacement.

Commercial roof coatings are applied to existing roofs using a rubber or elastomeric coating. The cost of applying these coatings is approximately $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot, depending on material and manufacturer. You’ll need to apply multiple thin layers to achieve the desired result. Epsom-coatings, for example, can cost anywhere from $15 to $20 per gallon. An elastomeric-coating blend costs six to ten dollars per ounce. It is only available in black.